Home Security Bundle

Home Security Bundle

Upgrade your home security with our innovative and eco-friendly system, designed for effortless setup, sustainable operation, and advanced AI-powered protection. Our plug-and-play solution eliminates complex installations, while our integrated PV solar panels harness renewable energy from ambient light. AI-infused cameras deliver real-time object recognition, and data is securely stored and analyzed using Google Cloud’s infrastructure. Crafted from aluminum alloy and eco-friendly plastic, our system complements your home décor with a minimalist design

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  • What’s Included (Components are available for individual sale upon inquiry)

    • Chime & Siren
    • Water Leak Sensor
    • Motion and Light Sensor
    • Keypad
    • PTZ Indoor Camera
    • Streaming Dongle
    • Door and Window Sensor
    • Water Leak Sensor
    • Waterproof Wireless Camera
    • Wireless Video Doorbell
  • Effortless Plug-and-Play Setup: Experience seamless setup without the hassle of complex installations.
  • Sustainable Energy Harvesting: Integrated PV solar panels convert ambient light into electricity, powering our sensors and keypads for sustainable operation.
  • AI-Powered Object Recognition: AI-infused chipsets in our cameras enable real-time object recognition, enhancing your home security.
  • Secure Data Storage and Analytics: Leverage Google Cloud’s robust capabilities for secure data storage, analysis, and protection.
  • Wi-Fi and Zigbee Connectivity: Establish automatic connections between home security accessories using Wi-Fi and Zigbee protocols.
  • Aluminum Alloy and Eco-Friendly Plastic: Our system is crafted from sustainable materials, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Minimalist Design: Complement your home décor with our sleek and minimalist design.

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